My pots capture the essence of a good time. Through the use of form I illustrate the irregular and sometimes pear-shaped reality of what it is to celebrate with other human beings, the expected and unexpected. Fun, funk, and function come into play when thinking about how each pot is conceived. The act of eating and drinking with this tableware and with the people you wish to spend time with, make the ceramic objects a backdrop for the performance of life to happen around.


Zane Tillinghast acquired his BFA in ceramics from the Maine College of Art in 2016. He creates functional work with red earthenware clay. The charm found in irregularity inspires his forms. Slip, red clay, and the interaction between glazes is key to the decorative aspects of each pot. His pots are meant to be accessible and used daily.

Zane was born in southern New Hampshire, his pottery can be found for sale in Maine, New Hampshire, and online at

New Kick Wheel Shot.jpg